10) City Life. The city that never sleeps, always something to do, and a fun adventure to be had!

9) Driving. Never having to drive. It has nice not to have to worry about who is driving, where to park, oil changes, etc. While I am starting to miss driving, I know I am going to miss walking, subways, buses and cabs. I have not had to drive in 5 years, arg. This transition should be interesting.

8) The hustle and bustle of city life. Running to meetings, to catch the subway, the bus, flagging down a cab, or walking. It’s always a rush to get around.

7) Tourist spots. I never thought I would say this, but I will the tourist spots (not the tourists, of course!).  I will miss the view from the Top of the Rock, the Statue of Liberty, South Street Sea Port, West Village, Central Park, SoHo, museums, Botanical Garden, Broadway shows, Charity Walks etc.

6) Restaurants. There is always a new place to try, a new hip cuisine. NYC is filled with amazing restaurants it’s impossible to eat at them all.

5) Free events. There are always free concerts, free screenings, free nights at the museum, free days at the zoo, the botical garden. If you have a will, you can certainly find something free to do!

4) The Jersey Shore! Year, after year I had the best time at the shore! I know the beaches of CA are amazing, but it won’t be the same since my friends won't be there. New memories will have to be made!

3) Not working! I have loved nearly every second of not working. It’s back to the daily grind.

2) BarNoneGreatParties! While I am still going to run BarNoneGreatParties from LA it not is the same. I won’t always see my clients, or my bartenders. I will greatly miss everyone involved in BNGP. I am so thankful for all their support while BNGP has grown.

1) Loved ones. Without a doubt, I am going to miss my mom, family, and friends the most. Any second thoughts I have about the move are due to knowing how much I will miss everyone.  I am terrified of not finding a place or friends in LA. I know how lucky I am to have such a great support here. I hope I find my place in LA.