The move is just 4 days away. The closer it gets I am starting to FREAK OUT!  The good-byes have begun last week. I have been doing my best to enjoy the rest of my time in NYC, by doing things I have always loved or are dying to go to.  I have been a little behind with the blog due to being busy with getting everything ready for the move. Here is the update on everything so far!


Ali is doing very well. She seems to be back to her old self. I tried giving her the Benadryl  to see how she would react to it. She threw it up. The vet prescribed a stronger dose of meds to calm her during the trip. I bought a harness, and lease for when we walk through security.


A good friend looked at the apartment through Polina’s management company. It’s a studio, free WIFI and comes with a fridge. I submitted an application and deposit. I am waiting to hear back from the manager to see if I got the apartment. I am on the edge of my seat waiting to hear. I sent the check in on Thursday, and hope it’s received by today. This apartment is for a year. (Yikes)


I started hard core packing yesterday. I got the Space Saver bags for travel. These bags are the best invention when it comes to packing ever!!! I am nearly done packing my large suitcase. I am going to finish on Thursday or Friday when I am done with my laundry.


I am going to do my best not to get a car until I get a job. I am going to sign up for Zip Car, use rentals and public transportation.


I have been applying for jobs. Fingers crossed I get a job!


I had a team meeting last week to go over everything before I move. I have a great team, and am fully confident everything will work the same as if I was here. 

Good-Bye Party-

Is this Friday! I hope to have everything done, and packed by Thursday so I can enjoy my last full day in NYC before the bash.