I have not written in a while, and I can’t explain why. I have been going through so much since my last post, so many emotions, so much growth, failure, disappointment, happiest than I have ever felt before. Generally I don’t write when I am happy, or feeling unmotivated, so it explains my lack of writing somewhat. 
It’s funny to look back at my blog and realize all the things that have happened to me that I have not blogged about. When I started this blog, I was writing about all my struggles with my journey. It blows my mind that I have moved here nearly 3 years ago. It blows my mind that I ever had the guts to do this.  I can’t believe it. I was so brave.

In the 9 months since my last post so many wonderful and not so wonderful things happened to me. The most wonderful thing I would ever imagine, ever have hoped for, my boyfriend Alex proposed while we were in New York for Thanksgiving. I am/was thrilled! I had hoped he would propose in NY, so I could share the news with my friends and family.  Alex proposing made me the happiest women in the world. I never thought I would fall in love so deeply for someone, never thought I would be so happy, never thought I would find my person.  Honestly never thought I would ever find a man who can deal with me all the time. J I am so thankful I found him! Meeting Alex has really helped put everything in perspective for me. It’s clear what was pushing me out to Los Angeles. I was meant to meet Alex, and lord knows he wasn’t moving out east to meet me.

Right before we got engaged I moved into his apartment, left Hollywood, and my second apartment after the roach infested crap apartment. While I was ready to move out of Hollywood for so many reasons, it was an emotional move for me. Now Alex and I are living together, and planning our wedding.

As they say everything happens for a reason. I can see that more now that more than ever before!