Ever since I can remember I have always wanted to move to Los Angeles. My father is from there. When I was growing up we would go to LA at least 2 times a year. I was practically born on a plane. My first trip to LA was when I was 8 months old to visit my grandparents. I was the perfect baby on that flight. Ever since, I have loved to fly! The picture below was taken when I was 5 visiting my Bubie (my grandma) and Aunt Gussie in West Hollywood. 

I was always fascinated with Los Angeles, everything about it made me want to be there all the time. I loved the weather, the sun, the beach, literally everything. Around the age of 8, I started telling my parents I was going to move to LA. Of course, no one was listening to me then. Before you knew it I was applying for college, and wanted to go to UCLA. I was not allowed to go anywhere that was not in the tri-state area of NY. My mom was worried something would happen to me, and I would not be in driving distance. Clearly UCLA was out. I knew I would eventfully get to LA, it would be a matter of time or years.

Even as I graduated college, I could not stop speaking about moving out west. I continued following the path my mother had asked of me (or shall I say guilted me). I moved home to NJ after college, and live with my mom for 3 years. After commuting to the city for nearly 2 hours each way, I finally moved to New York City. I have always wanted to live in NYC and LA. Moving to NYC was much easier for me at the time. I didn’t want to deal with my mom’s guilt of moving cross country. I wanted to move, and be on my own. Finally.

Nothing is ever that easy. Of course, as much as my mom said she wanted me to move out of her house in NJ, there was guilt. My mom has this power of me, where I rethink every decision I am making to agree with what she wants me to do. She had a real hard time with me moving to NY. I was only an hour and a half from home. I felt terrible, but knew it was the right choice for me. I needed to start to grow up, and be on my own. Living in the city was a hard transition at first, but once I made friends I loved every minute living in this fabulous city!

Three years ago, my roommate at the time and I came up with the genius plan to let our lease run out, and move to LA. Keep in mind this brilliant idea was the mastermind of two drunken roommates after a long happy hour experience. You would think once we sobered up, we would realize we need a plan. That did not happen. I stupidly told my mom our “plan” to which she lost it, LOST IT! You would think after moving to NY I would realize I need a set plan to tell my mom before I actually have the guts tell her. I must have still been drunk when I told her. I saw my life pass by me. We fought for weeks. I was threatened with everything you can imagine including a North face winter coat she just bought me for Hanukkah. I could not take it anymore, and broke down. I decided I would stay in NY for my mom. It would make her happy. I could not deal with upsetting her this much.

A few years later my mom said to me, I was thinking you should go to LA. I don’t want you to regret not going and blame me.

I looked at her like she had 3 heads, was she kidding me! The fighting last time was out of control. I am very strong, except when it comes to my mom. There is only so much I can take. I was done with it. I said to her, I decided I was going to stay here for her. She continued and told me I should go, don’t let this dream go and blame her. I really gave up on moving.

That was until this past February. I went out to visit a friend, and fell in love with LA all over again. I called my mom from LA, and told her I was moving. She was very supportive, and said I knew you would want to move after going back. How right she was!

If I have learned anything from my mom, she is not someone who likes change or me moving.