1) You get excited for the BoGo sale at Payless.

2) You hit the clearance rack at Target, and think 30% off is not enough to afford the $10 shirt you have been eyeing.

3) You go to Ralph’s everyday of the week to stock up on Navel oranges when they are on sale for $.33 a pound. Who knows when that will happen again?

4) You go to the gym everyday to make sure you get your $34 worth.

5) You keep going back to the 50% off Valentine’s candy. Can you really afford $2 for chocolate?

6) You do your best not to turn on the lights in your apartment. Flashlights are fine.

7) You get excited when you find coupons on the floor for items you don’t even use. You might one day.

8) You bring your luggage size purse everywhere you go in hopes of scoring free bread.

9) $7.99 all you can eat specials feed you for the entire week.

10) You have thought of selling your eggs or sperm to pay your bills.

11) You buy all your clothes, home goods, food, cleaning products from the $.99 Store.

12) You have thought twice about getting food from the local food pantry.

13) Your WiFi is free from an unsecured router, and you have thought about asking your neighbor to the split cable.

14) You go to the Farmer's Market just to fill up on the samples.

15) $0.25 for the Dash Bus seems so high! How can they charge $0.25 one way? Is the city mad?